Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Energy Devices Developed a Century Ago

Tesla Harnessed Free Energy
Nikola Tesla

The concept of free energy extracted from surrounding resources is hardly a recent innovation or development. Believe it or not, devices to harness free energy were developed more than a century ago. The inventor was none other than Nikola Tesla. He is considered by many to be the father of electricity as he is the inventor of the AC current we now use in our cities’ and town’s electrical systems. In 1899, at Shoreham, Long Island, Tesla constructed a huge magnifying transmitter which would be capable of transmitting electricity to ships at sea. This transmitter was a device that could convert radiant energy always present in the atmosphere to electrical energy. However, much of his revolutionary work did not receive the publicity it deserved, and remains shrouded in obscurity even to this day, for several reasons.

Lightning from a Tesla Free Energy Device
Learn to Ride the Free Energy Lightning
For the funding of his huge project, Tesla needed the help of wealthy investor, J. P. Morgan. Tesla tried to keep the full implications of his device from his investor, but in the end was forced to reveal all of the possibilities of the magnifying transmitter. Instead of being elated by this invention, the investor feared the huge economic impact it would have on the existing industrial complex, and refused further funding of the project. He even went to the extent of lobbying other investors to dissuade them from lending money to the inventor. Tesla’s laboratory was mysteriously burned to the ground though there was no evidence pointing to the investor for this and eventually, Tesla’s dream of ‘Free energy for all’ suffered a seemingly premature end.

Or did it? True enough, although the magnifying transmitter did not receive the expected commercial interest and popularity, the military maintained an interest in a device that could send pulses of electricity great distances through the air and possibly affect the weather and even people’s state of mind. People, to this day, rely on hydroelectric and fuel based power plants for their electricity requirements. Tesla’s ideas also transcended to a great number of enthusiasts all over the world who have continued to work tirelessly on the concept of free energy through the years. And over the course of a century, several efficient and reliable types of equipment have been constructed that enable the conversion of energy from free resources to useable electrical energy.


Free energy devices developed more that a century ago have been reproduced from remaining copies of Tesla’s advanced discoveries. Copies and plans from this intuitive research are available to anyone adventurous enough to think just a little bit outside the box. These systems can be readily set up in your home or office, with a minimal amount of difficulty. Once set up, these devices to harness free energy can provide for much of your energy requirements for years and years to come. You may even be able  to stop paying those ever increasing electric bills!
Lightning from a Plasma Ball - Free energy

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Survivor of the 2012 End of the World - Off Topic

Are you a survivor of the 2012 end of the world? As you may have heard the world as we know it ended on December 21, 2012 since it was all over the internet and especially the many social networking sites. Most people seem to have survived it in tact and the new world seems quite a bit like the old one. There were prophesies and legends in many cultures speaking of turmoil and destruction but also of purification and rebirth and even an age of enlightenment to come.

I don't think I know of anyone who actually believed that December 21, 2012 was the literal end of the world. So where did it come from? Why all the fuss about that particular date? Well it seems that there are quite a few legends in various cultures from Mayan folklore to ancient Indian writings to the Christian Bible that can be interpreted to speak of this time as one of great turmoil and tribulation but particularly the Mayan Long Count Calendar which ended its cycle on that date.

The ancient Mayan culture had an elaborate system of calendars which were circular in design. You may have seen the circular depiction of a Mayan calendar carved in stone that has become an icon of their civilization and of this particular apocalypse. When a particular period of time being measured was completed it began again from the beginning. The Mayan Long Count Calendar was approximately 26,000 years long and coincided with certain planetary alignments which would have been almost impossible for that ancient culture to have known about. December 21, 2012 was said to be the end of this "world" or cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. Each "world" was said to have ended in great cataclysm followed by the rebirth of the new world. Couple this with the planetary alignments, the position of the earth with respect to the galactic plane known to us as the Milky Way and peoples amazement at the uncanny ability of the ancient Mayans to know this and align their calendar with these occurrences and you can see that this was something that people would take notice of. The Mayans however expected the dawning of a new era and an age of enlightenment.

The Christian Bible tells us that we are in the last days and it says there will be great troubles and tribulation. This plays into the importance of having some idea of when these things might occur. The Bible speaks of some of the wars, rumors or wars, earthquakes and great weather events we have seen lately and it says there will be "signs in the sun and moon and the stars and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and waves roaring". It is written that "when you see these things happening, you know that the end is near, even at the door". The book of Revelation mentions a great beast speaking blasphemies against God who puts his mark on the right hand or forehead of all of his followers. It is also noted that "no man knows the day or the hour when the Son of Man (Jesus) will return" and that "if those days were not shortened no one would survive". We are told that He will return to set up His kingdom on this earth and reign for a thousand years.

All of these things lead us to the conclusion that these are very important times and that this could certainly be a time of transition from one age to another but none of these has given a specific date for any given event. If you are reading this then you are a survivor of the latest end of the world phenomenon and you should get a Medal for your bravery or at least have a T Shirt commemorating the event. I also expect that we will need a New Mayan Calendar to keep track of the times and seasons we are in or at least to keep track of the days, weeks and months ahead but don't worry if there are no pages after December 31, 2013 it is not likely the end of the world. You will just need a new calendar for the next year.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Importance of Reliable Woodworking Plans

It doesn't really matter if you've practiced woodworking for many years or if you're still a newbie, you will always have a use for a reliable, easy to understand set of woodworking plans. It will be much easier and far less frustrating for you to finish your projects if you follow these simple woodworking plans. Of course, I probably don't have to mention that it's always a good idea to check the accuracy of any such plan you intend to follow before you start working.

There are a number of places where you will be able to find good woodworking plans. You will likely find hundreds of them on the internet but you would definitely want to check the accuracy of the plans you find there, especially if they’re free. It's also possible that you will find some good plans for your prospective projects if you consult some good old fashioned woodworking books at your local library. If you have a subscription to a woodworking magazine, that could also prove to be a good resource. The internet, however, is a quick and easy source for many things and it's a great place when you would like to read articles and learn more about a certain topic such as woodworking. It can be a great place when you want to find straight-forward, reliable woodworking plans, how to videos and even design software. You just need to make sure you find a good, reputable site that will give you your money’s worth.

Reliable Plans Result 2
You Could Build This Table
It's important that you're aware of the fact that it will be much easier for you to build some really great quality pieces of furniture if you're following a good, easy to understand set of woodworking plans. You can build a rocking arm chair or a nice bureau if you want to and, whatever you choose, it won't be as complicated as it might seem without the plans. You may also be realizing that it will take some time to become a talented and skillful woodworking craftsman and that you will need to practice a bit if you want your furniture to be of the best quality. There is a certain feel you will begin to develop as you work with the tools and become proficient at your craft that will bring you a great deal of personal satisfaction and pride in your work.

Woodworking doesn't have to be your profession for you to be good at it. In fact, some have said you will enjoy it more as a hobby instead. It is definitely possible that, as you become proficient, you will be able to draw on your skills to build much of the furniture that is needed in your home and that alone could help you and your family to save a fair amount of money since you won't need to buy all of the furniture in your home at a retail store. You will also have a great deal to show for your accomplishments and as a hobby woodworking can be a great stress reliever.

Reliable Plans Result
Build These Chairs for Your Yard
When you've finished a few simpler projects you might want to try some more difficult pieces. As you gain confidence you should keep in mind that a good set of woodworking plans will make your job much easier and give you a substantially more satisfactory result. It is your workmanship that matters. You can also come up with your own plans when you feel you have developed the skills necessary and can figure out how to visualize the desired end result and put it down on paper. That will make the craft of woodworking a lot more satisfying and it is well within your reach for sure.

All in all, in order to maximize the results and the enjoyment of your woodworking hobby, you will want to find good, easy to understand woodworking plans. You will want to familiarize yourself with the different tools and the basic skills necessary to attain the results you desire. You will probably be best served by starting off with some of the simpler projects and then graduating to more and more difficult pieces as your skills develop. Woodworking can be a rewarding endeavor in more ways than one and it is one that you will most likely thoroughly enjoy especially with the right woodworking plans.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free Energy Systems - Energy From the Sky

Free energy systems are devices and techniques that help you harness energy from the sky, or rather from free energy sources that you may not even realize are around you all the time. These can be harnessed to greatly reduce your electric bill or to even eliminate it all together. These devices, some of which you can build yourself, can help you generate usable electricity for your household indefinitely. How would that make you feel? If your like most of us that would make you feel pretty good.

Free Energy System Patent 1
You Can Build a
Free Energy Device
There are several methods available to generate electricity from free energy sources. The most popular are in three areas that have been proven to be efficient, reliable, and cost effective. Believe it or not, you can use the TV and radio signals around you to generate electricity. These signals are primarily intended to carry information, but they possess electromagnetic energy that can be converted into electricity. Useable electrical current can also be generated from static electricity which is plentiful in our environment. Radiant energy is always present in the atmosphere, day and night, in the form of solar radiation, cosmic energy, and the earth’s own magnetic energy fields. Sky 4 Energy is an easy to use DIY kit that will help you harness these free energy sources to generate electricity for your home, office, RV or campsite.

Teslas Free Energy Devices
You Can Build Free Energy Devices
However, you must keep in mind the dangerous nature of electricity. If not handled properly, electrical devices and conductors can cause injury and even death. It is recommended to follow the instructions precisely and with caution, or hire the services of a qualified professional in installing these devices. In fact, it might be better if you started installing small devices first to get the hang of it, before proceeding to a full scale installation to generate electricity for your entire household.
Free Energy Monopole Motor
Build a Free Energy Monopole Motor

The concept of free energy is over a hundred years old, and free energy devices are being used by enthusiasts all over the world. Among the various users of free energy, is the inventor of floppy disk and other devices, Dr. Nakamat. The electricity for his entire huge house with over 30 guest rooms is generated using free energy devices, based on the principles of Nikola Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter. Dr. Nakamat’s free energy system is so efficient that after expending tremendous amount of electricity for the needs of his household, the system still generates enough electrical energy that it can be sold back to the Tokyo Electric Power Company!

Free Energy Tesla Coil
Original Tesla Coil
In today’s world of high energy costs and concerns about the environment this concept of free energy systems is a technology whose time has come. The cost to install such a system can be quite reasonable unlike expensive solar panels and anyone can do it with the proper instruction. Sky 4 Energy is a system that can supply that do it yourself know-how and before you know it you will be saving money on your electric bill or even eliminating it all together. It could definitely be worth further investigation to see if these types of free energy systems are right for you and your energy needs.

Bedini Free Radiant Energy Converter
Bedini Radiant Energy Converter
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The Most Viable Green Energy Sources for You

Many homeowners today are looking into integrating green energy sources for developing more energy efficient homes and businesses.  A green energy source is power generated through renewable resources, such as the sun, wind and water.  The other benefit of green energy sources is their low contribution to global warming, pollution and other environmental issues.  

Green Energy Sources
Green Energy Sources
The most popular of green energy sources is the sun.  Energy captured from the sun is called solar energy.  Of all the green energy sources, solar energy is the most popular because it offers multiple options for use.  It is possible to harness electrical energy from the sun using solar panels consisting of photovoltaic cells that convert energy from the sun into electricity you can use in your home or business.  There are also solar hot water collectors that use the heat of the sun to produce hot water.  These solar green energy sources are readily available and increasing in popularity as most homes and businesses can have them mounted on their roof and they can take advantage of lowered utility costs.

Green Earth
Green Earth
The most efficient of green energy sources is wind.  Wind has been used to power water pumps for centuries, but has grown in popularity as a way to supplement home and business electricity needs.  Wind is the safest and cleanest of the green energy sources as it produces no pollutants and does not contribute to global warming.  Wind energy is harnessed by erecting a turbine that spins in the breeze generating electricity.  Unlike the sun, which can be found almost anywhere, in order to utilize wind as a green energy source, you must live in an area where wind is readily available.
Water is also a viable participant of green energy sources.  Water is less widely used as a green energy source for homes, as not all homes have an available stream to produce the needed electricity.  The Amish have used water to power entire shops using conveyer belt systems, so it is an old practice, but it is still being used successfully today.  As with solar and wind energy, energy harnessed from moving water is almost completely pollutant free and is generated from a renewable resource.
Wind and Solar are Green Energy sources
You Can Build Wind and Solar Systems

There are also a whole host of what are known as free energy devices. These amazing new technologies harness radiant energy in the atmosphere and some other interesting sources of energy that bombard us every minute of every day and to this point have largely gone untapped. Which is amazing since Nikola Tesla among others began discovering them over 100 years ago.

Green energy sources are available for use to combat global warming, our dependence on fossil fuels and to lower our monthly budget.  Investing in green energy systems for your home and business needs can add dollars in savings to your wallet as well as benefiting the planet through cleaner, greener energy.

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