Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Anwers to Critics of Free Energy

A number of devices and techniques have been developed, by which you can generate electricity for your home from free energy sources. These systems are commonly referred to as free energy systems. These systems are only a small part of a wide variety of systems that are available for the production of free energy which focus mainly on three area of free energy: generation of electricity from TV and radio waves, generation of usable electricity from static electricity, and generation of electricity from radiant energy in the atmosphere.

However some people are skeptical about the concept of free energy. They think that it is simply not possible to obtain energy for their needs in this manner. To make matters worse, a few companies have tried to con people with the concept of free energy, which has generated a lot of negative publicity. And then, there are the big electric companies, of course they would want to keep people away from free energy. Spreading rumors and false information about free energy is just one of the many methods employed by them to distract folks from the possibilities of the technology. News about successful inventions and implementations of free energy have been suppressed, given very little publicity and even denied patents. As a result of all these, some people look on free energy systems as questionable enterprises.

The advent of the Internet and advances in modern communication have worked in favor of supporters of free energy. You must realize that free energy has been a technology that has been around for over a century. A wide variety of devices have been designed and constructed based on a number of principles. A number of energy enthusiasts from different parts of the world have successfully implemented free energy systems, and are enjoying the benefits of these systems. As mentioned before, the stories of these people and related inventions receive little publicity. But now, you have easy access to information about the success of free energy.

The Internet is full of news, messages, articles, pictures, and videos about the immense success of free energy techniques. Just perform a simple search on Google, read articles on different web sites, or even watch videos on YouTube, about people who get all the electricity they need without paying any money, and some even making money by selling extra electricity. 
Sky 4 Energy puts the same principles and techniques used in many of these systems into an easy to understand format. Check out their proof of concept video here. 

You may also check out the Free Energy Times newsletter for more information on the subject.

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