Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Need for Free Energy

Anyone who is aware of current events today is aware that the whole world runs on energy and that, increasingly it comes at a premium.  If you have filled your car at the pump you can see that energy prices are much higher than they used to be. If you pay an electric bill you can see that those costs have risen too. Heating your home is a stark reminder of the cost of energy in today’s world. More and more people are using more and more energy every day.

At the same time energy is radiating all around us every moment of everyday. The sun radiates energy. The very Cosmos bombards us with energy. The very fact that the earth is turning at such a fantastic speed creates energy. Every aspect of the earth and sky above us are full of energy. The only limitation is the amount that can be harvested.

 Free energy is a concept built on the idea of harnessing that energy that is all around us. A number of devices have been invented that can do just that. Free energy devices harness radiant energy, static electricity and other forms of energy from the atmosphere around us and yield useable electrical energy as a result. These devices have been around a while too. Nikola Tesla invented free energy devices more than a century ago. Inventors  hobbyists have been quietly working on them ever since.

What if you could hook your machinery up to the very wheelwell that drives the universe? That was the vision of Nikola Tesla.  Free energy devices make that possible. Although it does not seem that these devices are yet commercially available, anyone can build them given the right plans and instructions.

Yes the need for more energy more cheaply is very great. Find out how you can build free energy devices. Check out this short proof of concept video here

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